Kaba Mas Locks

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Kaba Mas X-10 Mounted on Display Stand

Sku: KABA527075
$1,115.00  2 Available

Kaba Mas X10 Combination Lock for 10" Door

Sku: X10L
$1,220.00  Out of Stock

Kaba Mas X-10 Part - Case Assembly with 2.813" Cable

Sku: KABA521019
$912.67  1 Available

Kaba Mas X-10 Lock Case

Sku: KABA521017
$915.33  3 Available

Kaba Mas X-10 Part - Case Assembly without Cable

Sku: KABA521009
$847.33  Out of Stock

Kaba Mas CDX-10 (select Strike)

 [Click for price and availability]

Kaba Mas X-10 Accessory - 10" Conversion Kit

Sku: KABA521000
$271.33  3 Available

Kaba Mas Non-Drill Resistant Mounting Plate Kit

Sku: MAS114024
$73.33  39 Available

Kaba X-10 Short Cable Assembly

Sku: KABA521011
$70.71  8 Available

Kaba Mas X-09 & X-10 dial ring cover assembly

Sku: MAS507085
$117.33  2 Available