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Picture of Lab .003 Smart Wedge Pin Kit

Built for locksmiths with confined workspace
40% smaller in width than our Pro Kits 13-1/4" x 10-1/2", 2" tall in front and 3-1/4" tall in read
Color Passport Pin Chart
Slide-out Tool Drawer
3 Deep Spring Pockets (Tangle Resistant .115 Long Springs & .115 Short Springs) (T-Pin Spring for Schlage F Series
Double sized pin pockets hold up to 200 pins per size
Large tool pocket on top of tray
Injection molded high-impact tray with pin sizes printed 100% larger
Contains 3 sizes of spool pins and "F" series T-pin for Schlage cylinders
72 pins per pocket, 100 springs per pocket
Drawer size - 6-1?2" long x 5-1/2" wide, Height 1-1-7/8" side angled

.003 Increments
92 Sizes
Top Pins: .024T - .200T, .235T
Spool Pins: .160J .165J .180J
T-Pin: .170TP
Bottom Pins .159B - .354B
Contains the most commonly used sizes


Product Type Pinning Kits
Product Type Pinning Kits

Lab .003 Smart Wedge Pin Kit