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Picture of Adams Rite 4016 Header Bolt


Manufacturer: Adams Rite

Product Description: Adams Rite 4016 Header Bolt


Adding the 4016 Header Bolt to a pivoted bolt MS® deadlock provides Maximum Security for pairs of doors with the turn of a single key.

Simultaneously extending the stainless steel hexbolts into the header and pivoting the massive MS® bolt into the mating door’s stile, the two-point locking solution secures the entire entrance.


The 4016 Header Bolt can be added to any basic MS1850S, MS1850SN, MS1950 Series deadlock or for two-points top and bottom use with 1870/1870HM Cylinder-Operated Flushbolt.

Not applicable to 7/8" backset locks.


Door Height: 

Select 7' or 10' door height. The standard version is designed for 7’ door height, with cylinder height as low as 35".

Header Bolt

Hexagonal 3/8" [9.5 mm] flat to flat. Made of stainless steel.


Exact adjustment of threaded rod to door height is locked in place by hexagonal header bolt.


For header bolt, a 1/2" [12.7 mm] diameter hole in metal frame is suitable. For non-metal installation, 4005 Strike is available separately.

Product Type Accessory
Series 4016
Product Type Accessory
Series 4016

Adams Rite 4016 Header Bolt

SKU: 4016-30-01