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Picture of American Hockey Puck Padlock
American Lock's solid steel round, heavy-duty, hidden shackle padlocks are the toughest padlocks of their type ever offered to those who are serious about security.  
With rekeyable six pin tumbler cylinders and tens of thousands of key changes, these padlocks offer maximum protection against drilling, sawing, prying, crowbars, dent pullers and hammers - so they're ideal for protecting high security areas and are adaptable for applications on garages, storage buildings, vehicles, commercial buildings, industrial plants and vending machines.
Flat back, tapped and threaded to allow for attachment to either high security hasp A801 or A802.
Material: Solid Steel
Shackle: Hidden
Keying Option: Keyed Different
Padlock Type Puck
Padlock Type Puck

American Hockey Puck Padlock

SKU: A2010KD