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Picture of BEA 433MHZ One Button Digital Transmitter
Manufacturer: BEA 
Product Description: 433Mhz Digital Transmitters: One Button Handheld.
Transmits a unique rolling code each time the switch is closed to provide a secure door opening signal.  
A maximum of 100 transmitters can be programmed to one receiver. Removal of a single transmitter code.
Up to 4 separate wireless receivers can be activated by a single transmitter (i.e.4-button).
Red LED indicator on transmitter confirms transmission and battery life.
Used with 433 mhz receivers.
Transmitter Dimensions: 2 3/4” X 1 3/8” X 9/16” (70mm x 35mm x 14mm)
Certifications: FCC, IC, CE 
Product Type Receiver & Transmitter
Product Type Receiver & Transmitter

BEA 433MHZ One Button Digital Transmitter

SKU: 10TD433HH1