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Picture of Best Switch Tech Core EAC for SFIC; 7 Pin; 26D



Manufacturer: dormakaba

Brand: Best

Product Description: Switch Tech Core

Series: Switch Tech

Finish: 26D

We developed Switch Tech to make electronic access control affortable and easy to scale across any facility.  You get greater control and visibility of access without needing to replace the door hardware you already have installed.

Digital is the Answer

Small formet interchangeable cores revolutionized locks, and remain vital to security.  That said, the key management can be time intensive and costly, and mechanical locks can't offer the level of access control and visibility you get from digital Enter Switch Core.

Switching is the Solution

In just a few minutes, you can install the Switch Core into an existing lockset, then manage users' access via an app on their mobile phones.  You gain the primary advantages of access control - easy management and event visibility - in a snap.

Works like a Key, Thinks like a Bot

  1. Touch the SwitchCore and wake it.
  2. To Switch Tech mobile app or fob communicates with the core via BLE to deliver an encrypted access file. Green LEDs indicate when access has been granted
  3. Twist to unlock like you'd twist a physical key, then open the door.
  4. Access is recorded and audits are sent back to your ACS for monitoring.


Wireless Communication Protocal - Bluetooth Low Energy

Knob Dimensions - 1.25" diameter by 1.17" length along with 0.3" tab for usability

Installation Compatibility - 7 pin SFIC.  Not compatible with locks that require "homing" or applications needing weather protection.  

Weight - 8 oz.

Battery - CR2477 3V coin cell battery (non-rechargeble)

Visual Indicator - Full color LEDs

Environment - Indoor Only

Audit Event Storage - Up to 3,200 events can be stored in the core's nonvolatile memory

Battery Life - 1 to 2 years depending on usage and environment; up to 1 year with 25 uses per day; Up to 2 years with 10 uses per day

Material - Hardened stainless steel construction; Meets Grade 1

Tools Required - BEST battery removal tool (part number - 1SWBRT)


Click Here for Info Sheet

Switch Tech Brochure


Best Switch Tech Core EAC for SFIC; 7 Pin; 26D

SKU: 1SW100S7626SLV