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Picture of Brute 5/32" Drill Bit, Nitride Jobber Length


Manufacturer: Brute 

Product Description: Brute 5/32" Drill Bit, Nitride Jobber Length 

Lockmasters went out looking for a high speed steel drill bit that would out-perform expensive exotics like titanium and cobalt, but at a fraction of the price. 

Thanks to an aggressively ground cutting surface, aggressively ground cutting surface, Brute bits offer a rate of cut nearly doubling that of cobalt bits.

Brute bits also have a proprietary nitride treatment that yields durability which easily surpasses titanium, and matches even cobalt when drilling in materials like stainless steel.

The combination of speed and durability give you one exceptional drill bit.

BRUTE BITS offer the performance those in the locksmith and safe & vault industries demand. 


Product Type Drill Bits
Product Type Drill Bits

Brute 5/32" Drill Bit, Nitride Jobber Length