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Picture of Combi Plus Group II Combination Lock Manipulator & Dialer
Product Description: Group II Combination Lock Manipulator & Dialer
The Combi + is a tablet-based Group II lock manipulator for opening 3- and 4-wheel safe locks. The average opening time is approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours.  While dialers have been successfully opening locks for 25 to 30 years, they also have some disadvantages. One big disadvantage is the time it takes to open the locks. The opening time can be from one hour to thirty plus hours. Another disadvantage is the internal wear that is created inside the lock. This is caused by a dialer running long hours on a specific lock.
Combi+ is both a manipulator and a dialer. At any time, the user can transfer found numbers from the Manipulator portion of the App directly to the Dialer App. This allows the user to find a wheel by manipulation. Then put it in dialer mode to open the lock in about one hour. Power is 110V /220V.
Combi+ kit includes: Carrying Case, Combi +, Android Based Tablet (with App), Universal Dialing Clamp, Hex Key, 110V/220V Power Supply, Flexible Coupler, Accelerometer, Magnetic Charging base, Charging Cable, and Accelerometer to combi cable.
Product Type Service Tools
Product Type Service Tools

Combi Plus Group II Combination Lock Manipulator & Dialer