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Picture of Framon #2 Manual Code Key Machine


Manufacturer: Framon 

Product Description: Framon #2 Manual Code Key Machine 

Possibly THE Most Perfect Code Machine Ever Created… All of the extras included with the Framon #2 make it a great package. 

Here are a few of the features that make it a perfect code machine:

• Standard Cylinder 
• Domestic Automotive 
• Foreign Automotive 
• Motorcycle Keys 
• Padlock Keys 
• Letterbox Keys 
• Safety Deposit Box Keys 
• Interchangeable Core 
• High Security Keys 
• Tibbe 6 & 8 Wafer Keys

Accuracy: All Framon key machines are hand assembled and hand fit. This ensures that before your machine reaches you, it has originated keys accurate to one-half thousandth of an inch (.0005”, about the thickness of a hair). This tolerance assures a perfect key every time! 

Straight-In Feed: The #2 utilizes a straight-in feed approach. The straight-in feed of the #2 provides a perpendicular cut at the root of the key. The flat of the cut will always be the same depth from the left side of the cut to the right. Machines that use a pivot approach can produce keys that turn one way but not the other. The drawing at the right shows the profile of a key cut by a machine that pivots. The different shear lines from the left to the right side of the key lead to the turning problem. 

Rugged & Durable: The #2 is made from heat treated aluminum and steel. The carriage moves forward on a pair of steel slides. Spacing adepth movements take place on pairs of steel pins and screws. There are no small gears to strip out and no plastic parts to wear out. We’ve heard plenty of stories from code machine owners who have dropped the machine off of their workbench and cut a key with no adjustments needed!

Spacing: To cut a key, you need two dimensions: starting cut (distance from the shoulder to the first cut) and spacing (distance between cuts thereafter), both found in the Depth & Space Manual. Schlage cylinder keys use .231" starting cut and .156" spacing. Starting cut is set by zeroing the machine and counting out to .231". Once set, the spacing block with .156" is aligned. Cut to cut spacing is a simple matter of aligning two index marks. 

Depth: Depth settings are made in .001" increments by means of a micrometer. As shown at the right, reading a micrometer is quite simple. Figure #2 shows a micrometer reading .275". The scale shows the pointer is between .250" and .300". The dial reads .025" add .025" to .250" and you have .275". The micrometer depth reading is what gives the #2 its’ extreme accuracy. Once familiar with the machine, you’ll be code cutting keys in 30-45 seconds.

Dimensions: 10.5" wide x 17" deep x 8" tall

Weight: 36 lb.  

Motor: 110 volt AC motor standard 

12V DC motor available by special order 



 Framon #2 Key Machine Information Sheet 







Product Type Code Machine
Product Type Code Machine

Framon #2 Manual Code Key Machine