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Picture of Norton 6300 Series Low Energy Door Operator; Stop (Push) Side of Door

6330 689

Manufacturer: Norton
Product Description: 6300 Series Low Energy Door Operator
Model: 6330
Applications: Stop (Push) side of the door; Standard-duty Double Lever Arm
Door Opening: 110 to 135 degrees (depending on reveal)
Reveal Range: 1/8” to 6-3/4”
Frame Width: Minimum 2”
Door Width: Minimum 36”; Maximum 48”
Door Weight: Maximum 200 lbs
Finish: 689, Aluminum

The Norton 6300 Series Low Energy Operator offers a broad set of intelligent functions, such as latch boost, latch retraction and obstruction detection to safely secure a variety of moderate to high traffic openings. A unique design with one of the slimmest profiles available allows the 6300 to blend more seamlessly with the frame while fitting challenging applications with minimal header space. A modular design and simple controls also make for easy installation and setup.


  • Push and pull side mounting
  • Non-handed
  • Activated by push button, hands-free and RF device
  • Door: single or double doors; minimum width – 36”; maximum width – 48”; maximum weight – 200 lbs
  • Power assist
  • Push and go (selectable)
  • Obstruction detection (open and close)
  • Aesthetically pleasing, slim profile
  • Modular design
  • Latch assist feature for enhanced security
  • Latch boost
  • Selectable mode switch (off, on, hold open)
  • Adjustable opening force
  • Adjustable closing power
  • Blow open and blow close for smoke ventilation


Power Assist
Senses the door is being opened manually and applies small amount of power to assist user in opening the door with force less than 5 lbs.
Door opens only as far as it is moved manually, then closes once released

Push and Go (Selectable)
As the door is manually opened, the operator “senses” movement and opens door to the full-open position

Obstruction Detection

  • Open – door closes if it hits an obstruction while opening
  • Close – door will reverse to open position if it hits an obstruction while closing
  • Close (Selectable – Stop on Stall)
  • Door will hold open at set position until power is turned off

Motor Startup Delay – Delays operator opening for locking hardware

Infinite Hold Open – Door will hold open at set position until power is turned off

Latch Boost (Selectable)
Additional closing force to overcome conditions that might otherwise prevent the door from latching
Selector Mode Switch (3 position)

  • Off-door functions as a standard door closer
  • On-door functions as an automatic low energy operator
  • Hold-open activates the unit to the hold open position


Electrical Data
Power Input: 120VAC, 3A, 60Hz
Current Draw: 1.5A
Power Output: 24VDC @ 1.3A max draw


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Series 6300
Series 6300

Norton 6300 Series Low Energy Door Operator; Stop (Push) Side of Door

SKU: 6330 689