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Picture of Pro-LOK IC Core Rekey/ Decoder Dump Tool
Manufacturer: Pro-Lok
Product Description: Pro-LOK IC Core Rekey/ Decoder Dump Tool
Several Tools in one, used for Pinning and Decoding
Capping and Staking Fixture and Holding Fixture
Removable Inspection Plug
Sleeve Retainer Plate and Holding Knob 
The I/C Rekey, Decode & Dump Tool simplifies three functions into one easy to use tool! The chamber cap and retainer sleeve staking feature holds the key cylinder and provides a place to dump the pins for decoding the core, dump the system or rekey. Includes tool body, removable inspection plug, chamber cap staking plate, sleeve retainer staking plate and holding knobs.
Optional Tools Sold Separately:
Ejector Pin (LT341)
Staking Pin (LT342)
Product Type Pinning Tools
Product Type Pinning Tools

Pro-LOK IC Core Rekey/ Decoder Dump Tool

SKU: LT340