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Picture of Drill Master Deluxe Kit with Tool Box


Manufacturer: Major 

Product Description: Major Drill Master Kit Deluxe

Kit Includes: 

1-HIT-44, Drill Master.
1-HIT-44B11, 7/8" Brad Point Bit.
1-HIT-44B15, 1" Brad Point Bit.
1-HIT-44B18, 1 1/2" Multi Spur Bit.
1-HIT-44B21, 2 1/8" Multi Spur Bit.
1-HIT-44LM3, 3-In-1 Latch Marker.
1-HIT-44SM5, Strike Marker 1 1/8" x 2 3/4".
1-HIT-44SM7, Full Lip Strike Marker.
1-HIT44QR1, Quick Release Bit Adapter.
1-HIT-44SL7, 7/8" Strike Locator.
1-HIT-44SL8, 1" Strike Locator.
1-HIT-440, Tool Box

Drill Master is now available in a Deluxe kit. This kit comes packed in a foam lined tool box and includes the following: All parts found in the standard Drillmaster kit-plus 10 other Tools! Features include: Jaws are soft padded to protect door surface while ensuring a firm grip, back-set can be changed from 2 3/8" to 2 3/4" with a turn of a knob, interchangeable adaptors allow the user of the Auger bits, multi-spur bits or hole saws, multi-spur guide is removable to allow the use of saws for steel door installations, unique design permitting positive grip to door, solid construction using cast and machined aluminum and all bushings and parts are serviceable if required. 


Product Type Installation Tools
Product Type Installation Tools

Drill Master Deluxe Kit with Tool Box

SKU: HIT-445