LKM10K Lock Series

We DO NOT Sell to the General Public, ONLY Security Professionals


Where Life Safety Meets High Security The New LockOne LKM10K, the next generation of our LKM7000 Lock Series, is APPROVED to meet FF-L-2890B, when supplied with a combination lock meeting FF-L-2740. The LKM10K offers improvements to our LKM7000 Series that has been in the field for over fifteen years.

Our LKM10K Lock Series REPLACES the LKM7000 Lock Series.  There are 3 models to choose from - Push Pull Handle Model, Panic Bar Model and Exit Only Model.

Key Override features is included in all models except Exit Only.


The Exit Only Models currently do not meet FF-L-2890B.



Push Pull Handle Model Brochure & Specifications

Panic Bar Model Brochure & Specifications

Exit Only Models Brochure & Specifications


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