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Picture of Pro-Lok Mortise Lock Installation Kit


Manufacturer: Pro-Lok 

Product Description: Pro-Lok Mortise Lock Installation Kit 

The Mortise Lock Installation Kit comes with everything you need to cut professional quality, fast and accurate mortise pockets.  No other combination of tools can produce such accurate results everytime.  This jig is quick and simple to set up, self centering and locks into the door edge securely.  Quick change threaded cutters means cutters can be changed in seconds, without removing the jig from the door.  For use on hard wood, soft wood, composite doors and even aluminum doors (with use of special cutters).  Protect and store toosl in the custom heavy duty case. 

In addition to the self centering Mortise Jig with aluminum housing, carrying case and instructions, the kit includes:

INJIGC-MORT-CWB22 - 7/8" Wood Screw Cutter

INJIGC-MORT-CWB25 - 1" Wood Screw Cutter

INJIGC-MORT-CWB32 - 1-1/4" Wood Screw Cutter

INJIGC-MORT-CLS - Long Boring Shaft

(We do not sell these part numbers are not sold separately)


Product Type Installation Tools
Product Type Installation Tools

Pro-Lok Mortise Lock Installation Kit