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Picture of Surelock McGill Mico Zeus Panic Exit with MLK Entry Storeroom
Manufacturer: Surelock McGill
Product Description: Mico Zeus Panic Exit MLK Entry Storeroom
Entry: MLK external handle with storeroom function
Exit: Single motion egress via panic bar
Astragal and (2) bolts included as standard
3-Point Securing
Bolt Direction: Horizontal
Entry: Lockable handle (Key/Padlock)
Bolt Retraction: Manual
Operator: Manual
Upon Door Closer: Auto Bolting Only
Exit: Single Handed/ Panic, Emergency
Bolt Retraction: Manual
Operator: Panic Bar (tubular st/st)
  • Automatic bolting upon door closure
  • ¾” x 5/8” center bolt
  • 9/16” round top and bottom bolts
  • All bolts have 1” throw
  • 2 Surface Mounted Hinge Bolts
  • Strikes and mounting hardware provided
  • Panic bar or lever handle exit options
  • External trim available
  • Fully 304 stainless steel construction on lock
  • Unhanded and Bi-directional, making specifications easy
  • Unique Infinite restraint
  • Certified Life-Safety device under UL305
  • Heavy duty astragal as standard

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Lock Function Entry
Lock Function Entry

Surelock McGill Mico Zeus Panic Exit with MLK Entry Storeroom